5 Astonishing Benefits of the Headlamp Flashlights!

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Whether you’re particularly fond of your awesome cooler that keeps your ice frozen for a week or more, or your luxurious camp chairs, most folks have a favorite piece of camping gear.  

Unfortunately, many tend to look over their flashlights.

Sure, we get it—flashlights are more of a utilitarian tool. They’re not meant to be comfortable. They’re not necessarily meant to be “pretty,” but they’re useful and if you’re a smart camper you never leave home without one.

But we’d like to submit the noble headlamp flashlight into contention as one of our favorite pieces of camping gear. Both a flashlight and a fashion accessory, the headlamp can do it all.

Let’s take a look at what make headlamp flashlights so cool and why they’re sure to become your favorite illumination tool for here on out! 

5. You Can Do Things With Your Hands

Probably the best thing about headlamps is that you can do things with your hands.

Wait, you say, I can do things with my hands now and without a headlamp.

No, you’re missing the point. With headlamps, you can do things with your hands while you’re lighting up the night.

This is incredibly important if you’re like us and you love a good night hike!

Consider what happens if you trip while you’re out their in the dark wilderness. You’re going to either drop your flashlight (and hope it doesn’t break) to break your fall or you’re going to hang onto your flashlight and not break your fall as effectively.

With headlamps, you have control of both hands so you can expertly navigate your fall.

Or, what if some night animal begins stalking you?

How are you going to defend yourself? With a flashlight? (Maybe with one of our tactical flashlights so we hope you’ve got one of those handy!). More likely you’re going to be eaten by some nocturnal carnivore. But if you’ve got your headlamp on, you can defend yourself! 

So start practicing those wolf-wrestling moves!

Also, you can use it for other jobs too. For instance, if there’s a bad storm and the power goes out, headlamp flashlights can be an actual lifesaver allowing you to make necessary repairs or find supplies in total darkness. 

4. No Risk of Dropping

Take a moment a try to think how exactly you could drop a headlamp. Go ahead. We’ll wait.

Still waiting.

Couldn’t think of a way could you?

The only way you could drop a headlamp flashlight while it’s on your head is if you did a handstand and then dropped to the ground purposefully. And why would you do that? That would be ridiculous.

3. No Risk of Tiring Out Your Arms

How heavy are flashlights?

Ours aren’t too heavy, of course, but others’ certainly are! When you’re carrying one for more than a few minutes, it’s suddenly like your arms weigh 100lbs each. You just want to drop the light, lie down and take a nap. 

Not with headlamps!

With headlamp flashlights not even your head will get tired unless you have a very weak neck. In which case, maybe you shouldn’t go camping. You should be at home doing neck exercises. C’mon, man, get that neck in shape.

2. Shines a Light Wherever You’re Looking

One of the things we love about headlamp flashlights is that when you wear one, you’re never in the dark. Unlike handheld lights that you have to point wherever you’re looking, a headlamp turns, well, with your head!

With a headlamp on your dome, map and compass in head, you’ll look like a true experienced outdoorsman.

People who you meet on the trail will think that you’re the hike master! They’ll probably think you’re about to go spelunking in some cave that hasn’t seen a spelunker for hundreds of years.

1. You Can Also Just Use it Like a Regular Flashlight

Don’t forget, if you really want to use a regular flashlight, you can take the headlamp off of your head, and hold it in your hand.

When you buy a headlamp flashlight, you’re kind of getting two flashlights in one.

There’s really no reason not to own one!

These are just five of the amazing benefits headlamp flashlights offer, but there are plenty more! We could write volumes extolling the virtues of hands-free illumination but we’ll limit it to just a few hundred words.


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