Light Up the Night with Q-Beam

Jun 27 , 2017


Q Beam

Light Up the Night with Q-Beam

Summer is here and for most of us that means packing up the car, the kids and the dogs and bugging out of town for the great outdoors. If you’re like us, you probably make a mental list of all the little things that you don’t want to forget once you’re out there. There are the big ones like your tent, hammocks, camp chairs and various devices, candles and sprays to keep the mosquitos away but then there are the items that fall under “try-not-to-forget.” These items might be your butane camp stove, percolator for cowboy coffee in the morning and every manner of gadget not included in that handy multi-tool you got for Christmas last year.

For some reason, flashlights always end up in the latter category and we can’t reckon why. Actually, we take that back—the flashlights that always get brought along are the little dinky ones you bought for two dollars in the check out line at the grocery store.

Flashlights are as essential as tents, hammocks and multi-tools yet they always get left behind. Lucky for you, we at Q-Beam are taking flashlights back to the top of the list!

Our three distinct series of flashlights—Marine, Performance and Tactical—are technologically advanced, easy to use and, above all, incredibly powerful. With tools like these, you’d be hard pressed to leave them at home.

Let’s take a look at what makes each of these series so unique!

Performance Series

Our Performance Series is sort of like a Jack-of-all-trades as it’s got something for everybody. From small but powerful flashlights to headlamps to bright spotlights, the Performance Series lights can withstand even the most rugged outdoor experience.

The crown jewel of the series has to be the Night Vision 682 Rechargeable Spotlight. It’s got everything that its little brother the 563 Rechargeable Spotlight has and more! That means it’s got over 400 yards of beam distance, five hours of use at full charge and an incredible brightness of 683 Lumens but, in addition, we’ve added 33 x Red LEDs for Night Vision and an Emergency Signal Light!

One of the coolest and most technologically advanced flashlights we offer is the Solar Powered Torch Light with Device Power Bank! Now, you can free yourself from those eco-unfriendly battery-eating lights and, instead, use the power of the sun to charge your flashlight! But that’s not all because the solar power bank in the flashlight can actually charge your USB powered devices!

If you’re a spelunker or just want a hands-free flashlight, check out our amazing headlamps! Buy just one or a pack of three!

The Performance Series also has some great household/vehicle flashlights in case of a power outage!

Marine Series

The flashlights in the Marine Series are just what every fisherman needs! The Marine Blue Max – Night Vision 683 Rechargeable Spotlight is an incredible little light that has night vision as well as a peak beam intensity of 46,547 Candela! Perfect for spotting those slippery fish under the water.

If you’ve had problems with other lights never lighting up a large enough area, look no further than the Marine Blue Max 110 DC Spotlight. This spotlight can truly light up the darkness like no other light before it with a peak beam intensity of a whopping 78,000 Candela (hint: it’s real bright).

Of course, no marine collection could be complete without an underwater fishing light. It’s great for those night fishing trips. Best of all, fish are actually attracted to the light, making them easy pickings!

Tactical Series

The flashlights in our Tactical Series all feature sturdy and water-proof outer aluminum casings, which are shock resistant up to thirty feet! Each one also has several light modes that are exceedingly useful in both tactical and survival situations. 

The lights also have a signature front bevel to be used in cases of self-defense and all include rubber buffers for nonlethal application! If you’re in need of a bright light for heavy-duty situations, we’ve got the flashlight for you!


After having a look at our three incredible series of lights, you’re sure to never forget your flashlight at home again! The best part is, right now we’re offering 20% off all flashlights storewide with absolutely FREE economy shipping to anywhere in the continental United States! We think you’ll agree, it’s time to light up the night with Q-Beam flashlights! 

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